Making change happen

1020 Partners


Business Development


1020 Partners goal is to empower companies in business development, procurement, strategic planning, digital transformation and marketing and sales. We use extensive business expertise together with our network of affiliates, contacts and technical experts.

 Our typical projects include:

  • New market penetration and product launches
  • Business model development
  • Product development 
  • Global market entry 
  • GoToMarket strategies
  • General business & contractual negotiations

1020 Partners builds a flexible program when we work with you. We believe in the power of true partnership. Our clients range from small start-ups to multinational corporations

Technology Services


Web Remediation and Certification

Our team has considerable experience in the area of Web and electronic product review, compliance / certification, code remediation, and document conversion. 

Team members are well experienced in accessibility issues related to WCAG AA compliance.  Our experience spans Corporate, Publishers, Insurance, Education, State & Local Government, Federal Government, etc.  

Images and Alternative Text

Clear, accurate, and concise descriptions of images, diagrams, and other visual informational content are vital for full accessibility in websites, textbooks, and documents. Image description for accessibility (known as "alt-text" in electronic documents) requires expert human writers, especially for STEM, healthcare, or legal content, where even slight errors can destroy a document's value and open an organization to complaints or lawsuits.  Robust QA processes incorporate user testing as well as reviews by subject matter experts, ensuring that the intent and meaning of your visual content remains intact, regardless of who's consuming it.


Our writing team produces accurate, concise, and pedagogically relevant image descriptions for a range of high-stakes materials, including standardized tests, college textbooks, and technical manuals. 

Strategy, Marketing & Sales


Our team has experience at top consulting firms and global blue-chip enterprises. From analysis to strategic corporate planning, our team can help you drive business growth, assess new opportunities and improve business efficiencies.

Typical services include:

· Cost Reduction/Outsourcing

· Commercial Due Diligence

· Corporate Development & Strategy

· New Product Launch

· Market Entry Strategy

· Business & digital Transformation

· Account Management

· Deal Generation